08 May 2020

Train the Trainer-5 Tips for Training Adults

We understand that teaching adults is not the easiest thing in the world, many are set in their ways and do not believe their techniques require improvement. On our training courses we provide delegates with techniques in how to combat this issue. We provide below 5 tips that will provide solutions to your coaching methods;

1). Make the training course formal

By formal we don’t mean boring; rather, it means you want to present the training as an important event. Send invitations (either paper or electronic) specifying when and where the training will take place, what topics will be covered, the benefits of the training, and what (if anything) the trainee needs to bring. You don’t necessarily need to refer to it as formal training with the trainees, but you should specify that it is mandatory rather than optional. The problem with an optional training course is that it is usually the people who need it most that decide to opt out!

2). Control the environment

You will want the trainees to show you respect and courtesy during the training sessions. To help them, request that they leave mobile phones on meeting mode. These distractions will help the efficiency of the training session. Prior to the course, provide the delegates with a timeline that identifies designated breaks. This way the delegates can plan bathroom, phone, and lunch breaks and avoid the distraction of people constantly walking in and out of the training course.

3). Make the training course relevant

Delegates are primarily interested in training that affects their role and responsibilities. You may be tempted to cover as many different topics as possible during the training course, but it is better to prioritise topics and focus on the relevant few. If they are presented with too much information, they will not be able to digest it all. This means, that you could have    several different training courses covering different topics. Provide training materials with exercises that the delegates can practice on their own.

4). Provide real-world application

Delegates need the skills that match exactly with the types of issues and problems they face during their workday. No one wants to listen to a trainer lecture for hours, so training based on concept alone will not be successful.

5). Make the training course interactive

As you probably know, adult students can get bored easily, so encourage them to participate through action learning. This not only keeps their interest, but it can help them get to know the other trainees. Practice exercises, role plays, group discussions and games are all excellent interactive opportunities. The real tip for success in training courses is the less you do the more they will learn.

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