08 May 2020

Recruitment Interview Skills Training-Avoid Staff Turnover

There is one common trait that many businesses share and that is a high turnover rate. This ongoing challenge makes it difficult for leaders to build a high performing department.

But, with the right Recruitment Interviewing Skills training and the right people in place, the business can thrive towards success!

Depending on your companies hiring practices, you may or may not be directly involved with the interviewing process and interview skills training. However, it is in your best interest to be fully aware of the process, as well as the employment patterns of your staff or the staff you are recruiting by having the appropriate interview skills.

For the purpose of clarity and understanding we are relating this article to the Recruitment and Interviewing of CSR (Customer Service Representatives) for a Call Centre environment.

 3 Reasons for High Turnover Rates

If your call centre has a high turnover rate, you may be struggling with the reason why. Here are three of the most common reasons:

1. CSRs view their job as a temporary job

The reality is some CSRs are actually still looking for other jobs while they are employed as a CSR.

2.  There is a lack of adequate training for the new CSR

Starting a new job is intimidating enough, but when there is little or no training regarding customer care and telephone skills training, the CSR could feel as if he/she will never really learn the ropes. As a result, the CSR gets frustrated and will either stay with the job unmotivated, or will look for another job.

 3. The CSR wasn’t right for the job in the first place

If the Interviewer was not proficient in interviewing or lacked formal Recruitment Interviewing Training, it is likely that he/she could have recruited a square peg for a round hole in the Recruitment Interview Process.

As a business leader, it doesn’t matter how desperate you are to fill a CSR position, you should not hire a person who you do not believe has the potential to do a great job. In the long run, it is better to have an empty chair and search for the ideal CSR, than to try to fill that chair with a less-than-adequate CSR.

Don’t worry, if you are patient and have the correct Interviewing Skills Training, you will discover how to Interview effectively, and you will find the ideal CSR!

There are excellent CSRs with good communication and problem solving skills just waiting to be recruited but you must have the Recruitment Interviewing Skills to be able to establish the core competencies you need for the role you are trying to fill and if the candidate does not match your competencies –forget it. Always remember Recruitment Interviewing is more than a gut feeling!

For Recruitment Interviewing techniques see www.premiertraining.ie

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