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Training Courses

Sales Training Courses – This sales training course is ideal for anyone who is relatively new to sales and wishes to have a blueprint to follow and also for those who have experience and ability in sales but are just looking to refresh their skills. The course will provide all salespeople with a structured approach to the steps of the sale from the initial prospecting call and  introductions through to the closing of the sale. We have helped thousands of salespeople to achieve and exceed their sales targets by just following the simple step by step process we teach.

Time Management Training – Learn to achieve more each day in less time and with less stress. All too often we hear Managers and staff members complain that they have worked all day but feel they have achieved nothing. This time management course will offer you the tools and skills that are needed to control your day so that you are achieving maximum results. It is all about understanding and using tools for prioritising tasks, managing interruptions and emails, the internet and other time thieves plus managing large tasks and dealing with procrastination. Work Life balance is vital to be successful and those that are successful in life make decisions about what they are going to do today on the basis of how that will effect them in the future.

Customer Service Training – Whether you are looking at face to face customer service or telephone customer service this course will offer you the most up to date best practice techniques for creating a customer focused environment. In a recent survey it was stated that over 64% of customers stop doing business with a company based on an indifferent attitude from a member of staff. More and more in the world we live in Customer Service is the difference between success and failure.

Telesales Training – This telephone sales training course is a must for anyone who has to either sell on the telephone or generate leads. It covers all aspects of telephone sales including outbound calling and inbound calling. It also covers such areas as cross selling and up selling plus creating the correct impression, closing sales and managing objections. It can also be used to show the importance of customer service on the telephone and how image and professionalism can help generate new sales.

Team Building – This team building course will help any manager who needs to create a teamwork culture. The course covers all areas of team building including how teams evolve, how to effectively communicate to teams and how to create team visions and goals including how to avoid team nightmares. The team building course also covers areas such as the roles of the team members and what types of people are needed in a team to get a balanced group.

Presentation Skills – Presentation skills training is vital for anyone who finds themselves in a position where they need to present or speak in front of a group. It is commonly stated that presenting and speaking in public is the greatest fear most people have. This course will teach you everything you need to know about presenting to others and will alleviate the fear of presenting for you. Engaging, structured and compelling presentations will be easy for you once you follow the guidelines taught on this extremely fun and interactive course.

Assertiveness Training – Being assertive is all about getting what you want without violating the rights of others. In this assertiveness training course you will develop the key skills for deciding what you want , saying it clearly, not being manipulated and managing the process. People who are assertive tend to know what they want and have no fears in requesting and stating their needs without causing any upset or discomfort to others.

Corporate Training – When it comes to corporate training why would Premier Training be a good choice?

Management Training Courses

  • Open Course Management Training – People often ask us ‘what is an open course?’ In simple terms an open course is a fantastic option for any company or individual that does not have a group of people with a similar training need. If you have only one or two people with a similar training need than an open course is ideal as it is cost effective and the individual will be trained along with others with similar want and needs.
  • Management Coaching – Coaching is all about learning on a one to one basis with the trainer. All of our trainers are also qualified business coaches and have the skills and knowledge necessary to teach, coach and train others on a one to one basis structured and tailored to the delegates needs.
  • In Company Management Training – If you have a number of Managers, Supervisors or Team leaders with a similar training need then In Company management training is a fantastic option for you. This will provide you with tailored management training for your group of people at a very cost effective rate which will also achieve great results.

Train the Trainer – The ever popular train the trainer course will teach your trainers best practice training techniques to allow them to design, implement, deliver and control top class highly interactive training.

Consultative Sales – The consultative sales training course is all about understanding that if we can expose the customers wants and needs in the sales process all we then have to do is provide solutions through our product range to match their wants and needs. This is a tremendous course and one which will teach both new and experienced salespeople how to close more sales and larger sales.

Communication Skills – The communication skills training course is essential to any Organisation where people have to interact with each other. So in simple terms it is essential to every Organisation. The most common complaint from Managers about subordinates is that they are not good at communicating. The funny thing about that statement is that the largest complaint subordinates have about their managers is ‘they never tell us anything the communication in this company is poor’.

First Time Manager – The first time manager course is all about making that transition from being a team member to your first role in managing people and being a leader.

Introduction to Sales – This sales training is specifically for the new salesperson who has embarked on a career in sales. The course will equip them with all the tools and skill sets necessary to gain confidence in closing more sales and managing objections.

Leadership Skills – “Learn to lead so others will follow willingly” is a great statement for leaders. The leadership training will help you to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to allow you to lead so others will follow.

Management Development -If any business is to succeed it has to start from the top and management development training is a must. This training course will be tailored to the needs of each delegate and company and will offer the Managers a Best Practice blue print to follow that will lead to success.

Managing People – It is often said that the greatest skill in the world is the skill of managing other people. The managing people training course is essential for any manager who wants to get the best out of their team. It will cover all aspects of both managing and leading people so as they want to achieve what you want them to achieve.

Performance Appraisal – The dreaded appraisal is what some people call it or even our end of the year box ticking exercise. The unfortunate thing about these statements are quite often they can be true. If your managers and team leaders are not trained properly in the skills of performance appraisal training they will be missing out on a wonderful opportunity to use a management tool to help motivate and get buy- in from team members. Appraisal skills training is possibly one of the most important training courses a manager can do.

Recruitment Interviewing – For anyone involved in recruitment interviews this course is essential. The recruitment interview training course will give you a step by step Best Practice guide to interviewing successfully. The skills of interviewing are one of the most neglected set of skills for Managers, yet poor recruitment leads to high cost low productivity and poor morale in the workforce.

Sales Management – Inspect what you expect is often said in Sales Management. The sales management training course is all about equipping you with the relevant skills and knowledge coupled with tools and a Best Practice blue print for managing, monitoring and motivating your sales team to achieve goals, objectives and targets.

Supervisory Management – Supervisory management training courses are essential for any supervisor or team leader who is expected to supervise a team of people. All too often supervisors are promoted from within or occasionally from other companies and are expected to be able to make the transition from being part of the team to still being part of the team but now with other responsibilities. This supervisory management training will give you all the skills necessary to manage these responsibilities.

Telephone Skills – Telephone skills etiquette is getting more and more important in todays ever changing business world. The old story of we only get 1 chance to make a first impression is very relevant to this telephone skills training course. More and more of our customers are demanding more and we must be able to create a professional image and relationship with them. So much of our work is now carried out communicating on the telephone and by email that this training course is vitally important to all businesses

FÁS Funded Training Courses – At present there are no FAS funded courses available but there may be other training course incentives you can avail of please Get in Touch