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Learn New Skills in our safe assertive workshop

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Understand positives/negatives of assertiveness

Learn to say what I feel effectively

Body language skills to match your words

Learning to say no effectively

Speaking without fear

Managing conflict as opposed to avoiding

Drawing the line with aggressive people

Calming myself before any confrontation

Stop holding myself responsible for others happiness

Making myself understood

How to use the 5 different assertive behaviours

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We also offer public open courses, below is our typical generic public course outline

By the end of the sales training courses delegates will be able to

  • Know the positives and negatives of different behaviours
  • Demonstrate empathy, but still achieve without violating others rights
  • Say No when necessary, but strive for a workable compromise
  • Understand and use the broken record technique of assertiveness
  • Understand the impact of assertive behaviour v stress
  • Know how certain personality types compliment assertive behaviour
  • Are you unconsciously holding yourself responsible for the happiness of others?
  • Understand the importance of saying what you feel
  • Know the 5 different assertive behaviours
  • Demonstrate the use of assertiveness techniques through role play
  • What we intend to say isn’t always understood by others
  • 5 must ask questions to defuse tension
  • Simple exercises to help calm before confrontation
  • Learn to say no effectively
  • Drawing the line with aggressive people
  • Understanding assertiveness
  • New skills you can use daily

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