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If you can answer yes to any of these questions we need to talk

We want to convert more leads

We want to have good opening statements

We want to turn inbound calls into sales

We want to turn outbound calls into sales

We want to find a sales process that works for us

We want to get better at qualifying

We want to get better at establishing customer needs

We need to get to the decision maker

We need to manage objections & rebuttals

We need to prospect and manage rejection better

We need to ask the right questions

We need to understand the benefits and USPs

We need to give people a reason to buy

We need to be more motivated

We need to close more sales

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We also offer public open courses, below is our typical generic public course outline

By the end of the sales training courses delegates will be able to

  • Understand the telephone sales process
  • Know how to create an attention grabbing opening statement
  • Plan your day to maximise telephone sales opportunities
  • Use techniques for selling on inbound calls.
  • Turn leads into sales
  • Plan a script for basic information.
  • Know the key techniques for cold calling
  • Make outbound calls with no fear
  • Control the conversations on each call
  • Manage Objections
  • Use 5 different ways to close more sales
  • Use various methods to get past the gatekeeper
  • Techniques for up selling and cross selling
  • Know the 2 best ways to increase sales
  • Establish the needs of the client and match with your products
  • Establish rapport on the telephone
  • Know why people buy
  • How you can persuade people to purchase your products
  • Use the 10 keys for successful telephone sales technique
  • Realise non verbal communication is still important
  • Avoid procrastination for fear of rejection

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