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If you can answer yes to any of these questions we need to talk

We want to convert more leads

We want to turn quotes into sales

We want to find a sales process that works for us

We want to get better at qualifying

We want to get better at establishing customer needs

We need to get to the decision maker

We need to get better at managing objections and rebuttals

We need to prospect and manage rejection better

We need to ask the right questions

We need to understand the benefits and USPs

We need to give people a reason to buy

We need to be more motivated

We need to close more sales

Specialists in  Face to Face and Online Training, Tailored and Delivered to the Needs of Your Team

We also offer public open courses, below is our typical generic public course outline

By the end of the sales training courses delegates will be able to

  • Understand the importance of professional sales practices
  • Understand the sales process and sales cycle
  • Know the 7 steps that go into every sale
  • Build credibility, like ability and trust
  • Understand the importance of the first 30 seconds
  • Establish the decision maker quickly with a proven method
  • Qualify customers at each step of the sale
  • Know the differences between top performers and average performers
  • Use sales aids effectively to bring you closer to the close
  • Set and achieve sales targets through effective sales planning and goal setting
  • Know and use several methods of prospecting for new customers
  • Understand the relationship between attitude, activity and results
  • Handle the fear of rejection in a positive manner
  • 20 ways to increase your sales
  • Build rapport by knowing the skills of questioning and listening
  • Establish your client needs and match your product as a solution
  • Understand the power of objections and how to answer them
  • Create and make effective customer specific presentations
  • Ask/Probe/Confirm and Close
  • Close and consolidate more sales
  • Selling to existing clients and cross/up selling
  • Understand buyer behaviour and why people buy
  • Practice the skills learned in a safe environment
  • Know—do scripts really work?
  • Managing the pipeline
  • Creating additional value for the customer
  • The skills of getting referrals time after time
  • Setting appointments using Various mediums

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