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Presentation Skills Training Course

Presentation Skills TrainingAbout the course

If you need to make your business presentations, more engaging, more powerful, more structured, more interesting, more persuasive and more concise whilst at the same time need to make it less fearful for you, then this course will deliver everything you need. This highly interactive presentation skills training course will give you the skills, knowledge and tools to plan, design and deliver effective memorable presentations. It will enable you to make fearless presentations in the future and have the confidence of knowing that you have the audience on your side. You will have the opportunity to plan design and deliver a presentation with the assistance of our presentation skills experts who will guide you through every step of the process to ensure you are confident and happy with all the skills you have learned. You will also have the opportunity to have the presentation recorded on a DVD for you to keep. You will receive feedback from our highly trained specialists, in a safe environment.

Presentaion Skills Objectives

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Plan your presentation for impact on your audience
  • Learn the art of simplifying your presentation for easy understanding.
  • Understand what people want from a presentation.
  • Know how, what and why people remember from a presentation.
  • Work the audience and stimulate them
  • Make boring technical presentations come to life.
  • Manage the power of your voice.
  • Put effective presentations together in 5 easy steps
  • Deliver effective support material.
  • Know when to show up for the presentation
  • Manage stage fright.
  • Free up your body language to create the right impression.
  • Know what you should and should not do in any presentation.
  • Understand how to use visual aids correctly.
  • Engage the audience with the power of stories
  • The relevance of analogies and acronyms
  • Eliminate boredom, monotone voice and over killing presentations.
  • Develop your personal presentation skills & style
  • Decide notes or no notes?
  • Write practice and deliver any presentation in 20 minutes
  • Stick to your key messages.
  • Use the 5 stages of successful presentation.
  • Bring your presentations to life for major impact.
  • Know the importance of professionalism
  • Field questions effectively.
  • Controlling questions
  • Manage difficult delegates
  • Create a positive stage presence
  • Know the pitfalls to avoid.
  • 10 ways to turn the audience on
  • 10 ways to turn the audience off
  • Effective feedback on your presentation style

Key Areas

The course is broken down in to 4 key areas as follows:

  1. Delegates will be asked to deliver a pre prepared presentation to the group. Feedback will be offered to each delegate covering all the key aspects of the presentation
  2. This is a trainer led session covering the areas set out on the previous page. This will be highly participative including syndicate workshops and case studies
  3. Delegates will create a new presentation, including visual aids with the assistance of the trainer
  4. The delegates will deliver the new presentation and the presentation will be recorded on DVD. The delegate will then watch the DVD with the trainer while receiving individual feedback

The trainers business and training experience

The trainer for this course has over 18 years of Presentation and public speaking experience. His career in public speaking has seen this trainer effectively present to groups of between 5 people and major conferences of up to 1000 people. The trainer is also qualified as a Master Trainer and is a FAS registered presentation skills trainer.

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