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Controlling your nerves & stage fright

Creating a presentation in 7 easy steps

Knowing expectations of the audience

Opening and Closing Presentations

Creating Stage Presence

Professional feedback on your style

Discovering your dominant presentation style

Structuring the presentation

Understanding FROLL for presenting

Effective use of visual aids

Voice control and tone of voice

Positive affirmations that help

Anecdotes, Donkey bridges and Stories

5 steps to every presentation

Managing questions effectively

Developing key messages

Specialists in Face to Face and Online Training, Tailored and Delivered to the Needs of Your Team

We also offer public open courses, below is our typical generic public course outline

By the end of the sales training courses delegates will be able to

  • Plan your presentation for impact on your audience
  • Learn the art of simplifying your presentation for easy understanding.
  • Work the audience and stimulate them
  • Make boring technical presentations come to life.
  • Manage the power of your voice.
  • Put effective presentations together in 5 easy steps
  • Deliver effective support material.
  • Know when to show up for the presentation
  • Manage stage fright.
  • Free up your body language to create the right impression.
  • Know what you should and should not do in any presentation.
  • Understand how to use visual aids correctly.
  • Engage the audience with the power of stories
  • The relevance of analogies and acronyms
  • Eliminate boredom, monotone voice and over killing presentations.
  • Develop your personal presentation skills & style
  • Decide notes or no notes?
  • Write practice and deliver any presentation in 20 minutes
  • Stick to your key messages.
  • Use the 5 stages of successful presentation.
  • Bring your presentations to life for major impact.
  • Know the importance of professionalism
  • Field questions effectively.
  • Controlling questions
  • Manage difficult delegates
  • Create a positive stage presence
  • Know the pitfalls to avoid.
  • 10 ways to turn the audience on
  • 10 ways to turn the audience off
  • Effective feedback on your presentation style

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