08 May 2020

Customer Service Training-Just Common Sense??

companies are trying to ensure they keep as many customers as they can.

A number of years ago when the global economy was in a different state than it is today, customer care training was not high on the agenda for a number of companies. Why this was I don’t really know, I can guess that to many companies losing a customer did not have the same emphasis as there always seemed to be another customer waiting with money in their pocket to buy. In the competitive market of today where we are all trying to get market share and the loss of a customer is extremely hard to replace customer service training is a vital part of a companies armory.

With the best will in the world every company will at times lose customers, this can be from anything from people moving out of an area, people no longer having a need for the product you sell or even people dying, we all lose customers.

It is important to realise when we lose customers some of these losses will be out of our control, but many of them will be within our control. I remember reading a survey that was carried out by a company in the U.K and they found the greatest reason why customers jumped ship and went to competitors was they had felt an indifferent attitude from a staff member.

I think the interesting part of this is ‘they had felt’ you see customer perception is vital. It is not the old question of ‘is the customer always right’ it is more to do with the feeling perceived by the customer whether they are right or wrong.

Customer service training can definitely help to make staff aware of some very basic wants, needs and desires of customers. These wants needs and desires are the same for all of us, after all we are all customers. If we feel we are not greeted or wanted in a premises due to the grumpiness or indeed the lack of acknowledgement by the staff we wont use the company if there are other competitors available.

If we do are not listened to, advised or helped in a genuine friendly manner we are not happy and will move our custom. Customer service training is not rocket science we all know what we expect when we are involved in a business transaction with a supplier, but unfortunately we do not always receive it.

It is often said customer service training and serving the customer is all common sense, maybe it is but we all know common sense is not always common.

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