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About Us

We have immense experience working with companies from all different sectors and hopefully the information we provide will help you to make an informed decision as to whether Premier Training are the right company to help you achieve your training goals.

Premier Training has long been an industry leader in the training sector and we look forward to having you as our newest satisfied client.

As we specialize in a wide variety of areas, we believe we are the market leaders in working with clients to customize training programmes to match their specific needs. I am extremely confident that should you choose us as your provider you will be extremely satisfied with the results.

We offer training programmes and expertise that not only fits your current needs, but also has the expansion capabilities to provide additional training programmes should the need arise.

Our Clients

We specialise in designing and delivering practical interactive training to the needs of your team by face to face or online training

I have set out below some of the main reasons why we feel Premier Training can help you achieve your training goals

  • We have immense experience in working with companies from all sectors, so you can rest assured the course will cover your specific needs
  • We can supply you with the training expertise required. Which means you can be sure that the delivery of the programme will get you the results you wish
  • Our trainers are all certified Master trainers, which means that the training will be carried out by trainers who have achieved the highest level of expertise in their chosen field
  • Our training is highly practical and participative, meaning that your delegates will have a much greater success rate of learning and developing as we will cater for all learning styles through participation
  • Our feedback from courses is second to none, you can rest assured the feedback will be excellent
  • We offer training at a highly competitive rate, making your budget stretch further
  • Our trainers have experience in working with numerous different business sectors, therefore we can adapt our style to your culture and what works best for your team
  • We continue to be the preferred training company of choice for over 95% of our clients, meaning that we get repeat business from over 95% of clients
  • We believe content is important but delivery skills are vital, meaning we do not believe in lecturing or powerpoint for training, we believe in delivering in all different styles so everyone learns
  • Offices in Dublin and the West of Ireland meaning we can offer a nationwide service
  • Our trainers have all been Senior Trainers with other training companies, which ensures you will be offered the best Trainers available for your project
  • Rate per training day is an all inclusive rate, we do not charge for travel or sustenance expense

All of our trainers are handpicked, highly qualified trainers who also have an excellent track record in their own business discipline.

Our training expertise concentrates on providing highly practical training solutions that the delegates can use in their every day work, as opposed to theory based training.

I look forward to expanding our working relationship in the future and welcoming you as the newest member of Premier Training.


Frank O’Toole
Premier Training

Participative and Practical Training Courses

Tailored to your business needs.

Contact us and discuss how we can help you to achieve 100% of your organisation training goals, with zero risk

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Participative – Practical – Training Courses

Tailored to your business needs.

Contact us and discuss how we can help you to achieve 100% of your organisation training goals, with zero risk

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