08 May 2020

Sales Training-Assuming a Marriage Proposal

This may sound strange and slightly over the top BUT we believe that throughout a sales discussion you should treat your customer/client as if you were about to make a marriage proposal….we know it sounds a little ridiculous but in Sales Training we go through each individual step of a sale and truth be told the steps are similar to a proposal of marriage, let us show you;

Let’s assume that you have now decided that you are going to consciously employ this thought process throughout the sale, the following will more than likely happen;

1). You break the ice with small talk

Small talk with clients about the news, the weather, their interests etc is sometimes more effective than big discussions about products, prices or objections. It is so important to create a human likeability factorbefore you launch into your sales pitch.

2). You will sell yourself

You must believe in yourself. If you portray your inner belief to your client they will respond with trust. Crystalise in your mind the fact that you are successful, that your client needs to deal with you and buy from you as you know what you are talking about. You are passionate about your product/service and you show their advantages in their true light. You can rely on your own strengths!

3). You ensure that the setting is just right

In order to set up a sales meeting it is crucial that you are prepared. You need to know what venue, day, time etc will best be used to your advantage. If you are required to make a presentation ensure that you have all of your props ready to go. Execute your sales meeting like it is a theatre performance!

4). You will play on your emotions

You must believe in your product/service. Portray the fact that you or your product is the best in the business. Show your client that you know what else is out there in the marketplace but give your client the reasons why they should do business with you! Your enthusiasm and conviction will transfer to the client and you will begin to create trust.

5). You make your best offer

You are convinced that you are making your client the best offer, you have discussed their needs and expectations and you are certain that you understand your product/service more than any other competitor in the marketplace. Your service comes with after care so the customer can rest assured that their needs/queries will always be in your best interest- even after the sale!

I’m sure you will agree that this was a “sale made in heaven”. In our Sales Training courses we provide numerous easy to understand methods of closing sales.

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