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Why choose us as your corporate training provider?

For the last 8 years, we’ve pulled out all the stops to implement practical corporate training solutions to Organisations such as yours, to ensure that you achieve 100% of your training goals allowing you to achieve your key objectives with ease.

Yet we still hear of companies all over the country losing hours in meetings wondering what to do and leaving easy to reach profits sitting on the table each month, because they’re afraid that there is no corporate training company that can give practical training help to their problems.

So we’ve spent a lot of time over the past 8 years looking for a solution that will ensure you achieve your key results in a cost effective way, with absolutely no risk.

But it seems everywhere we’ve looked, all we’ve found is company after company trying to pass off the same old, off the shelf run-of-the-mill training as a “revolutionary” new service.

And the shocking part is, to date we haven’t found one corporate training company who are prepared to offer any reasonable form of free ongoing support, any real validation of the training let alone any form of guarantees.

A corporate training provider who will first listen to your needs and then match your specific needs with the training given to ensure your people will meet their objectives day in and day out.

Corporate trainers who have succeeded at the highest level in the business world. So as they can relate to the practical problems and difficulties and provide solutions to help your people improve on a daily basis.

A corporate training provider with excellent delivery skills to make learning enjoyable. This will therefore keep your people happy and motivated .

A corporate training provider with experience across a wide range of industries, ensuring we have the relevant knowledge for your specific problems

A corporate training provider who will offer FREE support after the training for a set period, ensuring that your people will have all the support necessary to succeed

A corporate training provider with customer feedback second to none, meaning you can be safe in the knowledge that the results will be achieved

A corporate training provider who will act as a partner to ensure that you will achieve the results you want

A corporate training provider who will ensure that a certain amount of the time is spent one to one with the delegates during the programme to ensure fast track learning to achieve the results

A corporate training provider who can discuss the theory but give people the practical skills to bring back to their workplace to help them achieve results on a daily basis

A corporate training provider who has an extremely competitive pricing structure saving you time and money

A corporate training provider who will stand over the results and offer guarantees ensuring there is absolutely no financial risk to you

A corporate training provider who can do all of the above for less than the average training cost per day against competitor fees, giving you excellent value for money and helping your budget stretch further

What your people need is not theory but practical corporate training solutions, which will help you and them in the achievement of objectives on a daily basis.

Day in Day out thousands of organisations spend money on theory training for their staff, but lose profit and productivity through not ensuring what is taught is practical skills for the workplace

Our solutions have been developed through 20 years of experience at the top level of coaching and developing people’s skills and knowledge. You can rest assured you will have the benefit of Practical and participative learning in small groups taught by a Master which means you will be able to achieve and perform at a higher level than before.

We have trained and developed over 8000 staff members from various National and Multi National companies in Ireland , United Kingdom and America.

Our trainers have successfully trained staff for numerous industries with companies like, R.T.E, Pfizer pharmaceuticals, Ericsons, Barclays Insurance, Lagan cement, BIC, Addecco, UCD, Group 4, EPA, Irish Ferries, Londis, Car phone warehouse, Serco Services, National Toll Roads, Central Parking, Jackie Skelly Fitness, McDonalds, Nestle, Kleerex, Dept of Justice, to name but a few.

To meet with us and discuss how we can help you to achieve 100% of your organisation training goals, with no risk

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    Why Premier Training?

    Our trainers are handpicked

    We offer a full guarantee on our training

    Training is specific to the needs of your people

    Follow up email training support option

    Extremely competitive pricing structure

    Experience across awide range of industrie

    Customer feedback is second to none

    Practical training solutions that your people can use on a daily basis

    Open and honest at all times

    First class personal service that cannot be rivalled

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