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Consultative Sales Training Course

About the course

The aim of this one day programme is to equip delegates with a blueprint to follow to create sales in a professional manner by using consultative selling to its full potential.

The course is designed to give a clear understanding of establishing needs in the sales process and demonstrate the Skills Attributes and Knowledge necessary to attain long term success in selling, through providing effective solutions to the client needs..

Objectives of the consultative sales training course

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the benefit of fact find selling.
  • Establish the key points of the introduction.
  • Know the importance of permission to proceed.
  • Ask relevant questions to uncover additional needs.
  • Use effective questions to gather the information
  • Use various questioning techniques
  • Perform active listening skills to hear the information
  • Use confirming statements as trial closes
  • Break down the fact find to stay on course.
  • Use Probing techniques to gain commitment on each key area.
  • Close off each area of the fact find to create multiple sales opportunities.
  • Present your product properly based on the fact find.
  • Handle objections
  • Close and consolidate multiple sales.

Key Areas

  • Introductions & permission to proceed.
  • Fact Finding.
  • Establishing the Needs via fact find.
  • Questioning and Listening Skills
  • Presenting your case.
  • Increasing average spend.
  • Multiple sales.
  • Uncovering additional needs.
  • Handling rejection.
  • Closing sales

The Trainers

The trainers on this programme not only have the necessary presentation, training and coaching skills, but also have a proven track record at all levels of consultative selling. We believe there is no substitute for relevant practical experience, coupled with the necessary presentation and delivery skills our trainer’s possess.

Our trainers are all fully qualified Master Trainers and are also FAS registered

Training Approach

The course is designed to be practical, relevant and participative with the emphasis focused on improving Skills, Knowledge and Motivation in a safe relaxed atmosphere.

All of our training courses are highly participative, our feedback is second to none and our trainers are all fully qualified with immense practical experience in the chosen topic

Training Methods Include:

We are full members of the training competency network and therefore all of our training methods are based on best practice for the most appropriate transfer of knowledge and learning

  • Trainer presentation
  • Training exercises
  • Syndicate workshop
  • Skill practice/Role play
  • Group Discussion

Location: Dublin
Duration: 1 day

To find out availability for our consultative sales training course or should you have any questions please get in touch