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Time Management – Keep Momentum!

Time Management PanicIn todays competitive environment we constantly hear people complaining about being “busy fools”. Generally people are running from one meeting to the next and although they are motivated by the meeting find it difficult at the end of the day to focus on what was discussed and action it.

So…In Time Management training we encourage delegates to use that momentum. Having just returned from a meeting with a list of new ideas use your motivation as soon as possible.

We provide 3 easy tips below to maximise your meeting;

1). Organise your notes and Prioritise

Decide which order you want to put your actions and ideas into practice- set deadlines for these actions.

2). Checklist

Compile a checklist for each of these actions and tick each action off when complete. There is a real “feel good factor” in doing this and it will help you to keep your momentum!

3). Other Tasks

When the minutes of your meeting are prioritized and you have a plan of action- now you can look at the correspondence and emails you missed while you were in the meeting. It is important to keep focused and not get too bogged down by what you have to do.

Although the above may sound simple and self explanatory it is amazing that so many people do not practice these techniques. In Time Management Training we teach various useful techniques that assist you in your everyday role. Far too many professionals stress about everything they have to do and waste time panicking about when to do it as opposed to being proactive and putting a list together that will help you reduce stress, save time in the long run and achieve more.

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