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Customer Service-Lose Customers Without Trying…

We Love CustomersOn a recent customer service training course we spoke about the importance of each transaction you have with a customer. Some people call these transactions ‘A moment of truth’.

It is that moment when the customer either subconsciously or consciously makes a decision whether the transaction has been good, bad or indifferent. In fact it is said that every transaction you have with a customer can help or hinder the customers perception of you.

Yesterday myself and 2 colleagues went for lunch. None of us had been to this restaurant before but thought from the outside that it looked nice.

When we went into the restaurant we found a spot and sat down. There were numerous staff members yet none of them came over to greet us or give us a menu. Ten minutes later after requesting the menu twice we eventually received it. I would just like to point out that the restaurant was not busy- the staff members were huddled around the till chatting.

Myself and my colleagues actually felt that we were interrupting the staff by ordering our food. We all commented on the poor service and each of us grew frustrated. Once again I would like to highlight the fact that there were plenty of staff to serve us it was just that they could not be bothered. The staff were completely indifferent to their roles.

The truth of the matter is that in customer service, each customer transaction is vital and we must remember that each moment of truth will help or hinder the perception we have on the individual or the business.

I have to say that when we did eventually receive our food it was lovely but our whole experience was tarnished and first impressions count for everything. If I was asked tomorrow ‘where will go for lunch’? I know I would not recommend this particular restaurant and neither would my colleagues.

In a recent survey a question was asked ‘why do customers jump ship? In other words why do customers leave and go elsewhere for their goods and services. Obviously there are numerous reasons and every business will lose customers, some die, some move location, some cease trading etc. The point that interested me in this survey though, was that it stated the majority of customers jump ship because of an indifferent attitude of a member of staff.

The interesting part of this are the words indifferent attitude, it does not state rude it states indifferent, it also does not mention the skill levels of the staff it mentions the word attitude. Although customer service training is useful and beneficial to all people who work with the public, the difficulty is that on a customer service training course you can teach new skills and you can also increase knowledge, but attitude is harder to get right, as it has to start from within.

So if you are looking at ways to lose business without trying just remember, it is simple, all you have to do is show an indifferent attitude to customers and the business fall off will look after itself.

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