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One of the key things that must be done on any training course is to allow time at the end of each training session to recap on the key points.

It is also vital to recap at the end of each day of the training course and then further recap at the end of the training course.

Memory plays an important part in training and the instructor should always keep that in mind throughout the training course. It is said that if key messages are only stated once during the training course there is less than a 10% chance of the delegate recalling that key message when needed.

On the other hand it is also stated that if during the training course the key messages are given 6 times in different ways there is a 90% chance of the delegate being able to recall the messages when needed.

You will note when speaking about training courses I use the word recall as opposed to remember, This is because we actually remember everything. Our whole life is remembered in our memory. We must think of our memory as being like a video cassette it is all recorded and on the tape. We must learn to rewind the tape to recall what we need to remember, it is not our memory that is the problem it is the recall. That is why in training programmes we must keep recapping and recalling.

The key to running a successful training course in which people will remember the key points is to remember the 3 Rs Recall, Review and Recap.

So why do so many training instructors when running training courses not do this? My own belief is that when the training course is planned they do not leave enough time to carry out recap sessions. They suddenly look at the watch and it is 4.30 and they still have a training session to complete.

There can be numerous reasons which cause this to happen on a training course, it could be they have only allowed 15 minutes for each coffee break when in real terms it will be at least 20 minutes before everyone has settled down and the training course is ready to continue.

It could be that they feel as a trainer the training course has to cover everything so they put too much content in to the training course to begin with. It could be the training course did not start on time due to late stragglers. It could be that the canteen was packed and everyone did not get back from lunch on time, therefore the afternoon sessions of the training course fell behind time

Whatever the reason for the training course being delayed, you are far better off to drop a training session and recap on the other sessions to ensure that the whole training course is effective.

Do you want your trainees to recall 10% of the training course or 90% of the training course, the choice is yours. 

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