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Accountable AssertivenessI am never wrong. Wouldn’t you love to be confident in believing that statement? Granted there are the handfuls of people that do believe this about themselves but for those of us can be more realistic it is said by many assertive skills trainers that no matter what the situation is we are still going to be criticised either personally or behaviourally.

Part of assertiveness training is recognising what you are willing to have and own. For example if somebody says to you, you are not an effective assertive skills trainer than you do not know what it is that you have done wrong therefore you need to take accountability of finding out specifically what behaviours they were talking about.

When being assertive in the workplace you have to recognise your accountability. Assertive skills trainers state that you should only own what you are willing to own and not what others want you to own. At work I was criticised by a partner at an important meeting in front of the majority of my co-workers. Inside there is no doubt that I was raging and wanted the ground to open up and swallow me but as an assertive skills trainer I told that colleague that I admired their guts for being so open and honest, I then told the group that I was going to go on with what we were discussing as that is why I was there. Needless to say that partner kept her mouth closed from then on.

At a meeting I attended the secretary forgot to bring the notes of the former meetings, she apologised profusely and went on to say how incompetent she was and would forget her head if it wasn’t screwed on. Assertive skills trainers indicate that this left her vulnerable; it would have been healthier for her if she had apologised and recognised what would be the best way for her to get the notes whilst also taking into account time management.

Assertive skills training courses point out that you are accountable for your actions and inactions and that it is you that has to absorb the scrutiny. Accountability means having the confidence and assertiveness to make things better. It is known through assertive skills training courses that accountability is how you do things to peruse excellence and to start as you mean to go on to fulfil your goals personally and within the workplace.

The tools that are often used in assertive skills training courses are something that the majority of us already posses, such as listening carefully to gather up to date information in order to make a lucrative decision, therefore you will have no problem in confidently identifying your accountability.

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You are sitting down all day, you’re doing the same thing day in day out, you are putting your heart into it but it takes everything out of you. Self development training courses will tell you that in order to avoid this overbearing burn out you need to become your own self coach. As odd as it may seem it self coaching is proven to be an effective, positive approach to avoiding exhaustion through work.

No matter how focused and devoted you are there will always be something to break that focus, pulling your energy right down. However, as self-development trainers will tell you self coaching is the way to prevent this. What you need to remember when self coaching is that you are not only the coach but you are the team also. Some of the tactics that are used by self-development trainers when self coaching can include;

  • Get to Know Yourself. First what you need to do is to be realistic, no matter how many times you may tell yourself that you are the best I apologise but there will always be someone better than you. Yet what self-development trainers will also tell you is that no one will appreciate you any more than you appreciate yourself.
  • Evaluate. You will need to recognise and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Once weaknesses are identified you should see these as speed bumps on your road to achieving your goals. Nevertheless you will overcome these bumps in time as you grow, change and develop throughout your work. Always give yourself an honest self appraisal which I know can be difficult at first but it will get better in time with practice.
  • Incentives. As bad as it may sound your work space is like a second home to you. So use the space to put pictures up of treasured memories or family. This will give you the extra push to rise above your struggles. Put pictures of a personal or professional long-term goal. Plan days out with friends to have something to look forward to.
  • Something New. Self development trainers stress that this does not mean change but may a slight altercation in your work day. Even changing your breakfast by eating fibre to give you energy for the morning. Turn on the radio. Even rise slightly earlier so that you are not starting off by the stress of rushing. A key to looking after yourself would be to drink plenty of water as water evaporates in your system through talking, so keep hydrated.
  • Give Your Self a Break. Your sitting at you desk all day. This is not good for you. You need to get your circulation moving. If you are tired of the screen look out the window for a couple of minutes as you allow your eyes to relax. If your job requires consistent concentration play with something a slinky, a stress ball or a mindless computer game. Just do the opposite. On our self-development skills courses we would recommend that you take a quick break twice before lunch and twice after lunch.

The key to self-development is to always put things into perspective. Self development trainers will always advise that you remember that you did not get to where you are now by doing everything right in fact it was by learning through your mistakes. And have fun, tell your colleague a joke or send them a funny e-mail, furthermore when you do take a break talk about the things that you have done right that day not all the things that are going wrong.

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Imagine being able to conduct your life in order to reach potentials beyond any expectations you may ever have had. But where do you start it? How do you do this? The truth is that you need to learn how important your own thinking is in order to achieve your true potential and beyond.

I know that since I was a child my mother had always tried to get me to eat peas but after trying then and not liking them years ago I have not tried them since. The point that I am making is if you think about it this is similar to other blind spot statements that you may have made in the past such as “I was useless at music in school so I never sing”.

Through personal development courses I have seen this time and time again. There are countless individuals who are afraid to try something because they do not think that they can do it. Yet how are we going to change this? In order for us to grow as individuals in our personal development we need to change the way that we have been structured to think.

On a recent personal development course an 83 year old man asked could he shake my hand, I said of course but was inquisitive to know why. He told me that he had been to a previous seminar I had given on personal development and that night he asked his partner Gary of 54 years to marry him.

Think about it, you do not need someone else’s permission to do or say or think what you want to and to make you the person that you want to be. The only person that can do that is you so that you can be the person that you are capable of being. You have so much potential to offer the world yet unfortunately you are not even coming close to the potential that you possess because you are locked in your own beliefs.

In personal development training I have seen the dedication, the courage, the confidence and the strength that is needed to change your beliefs about yourself but it is possible. This confidence and courage will then empower you to make decisions consciously and with the self belief that what you are deciding is what you want. This then in turn will lead you to having much more control over your future as you begin to think more effectively.

Take the film the Wizard of Oz for example the cowardly lion, the tin man and the scarecrow all wanted something that they though that they did not have but it turns out that they did have it in the end. They did not need to go searching the land for it as they already possessed it but just did not know.

Personal development is a matter of learning to think effectively. Telling yourself that you are capable, you are intelligent and you have an unlimited amount of potential.

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